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Solving chronic problems in the US food data supply chain

foodgraph is a platform

The largest catalog of 
 food product data

  • 400,000+ products

  • 30+ identifier types

  • 80+ data types

  • 10+ image types

Applications that solve stubborn problems

  • UPC translation & SKU dictionary

  • deep product, data, & image catalog

  • integrate many sources

  • digital shelf benchmarking

Engineered for breadth, depth & transparency

  • 14 sources and growing 

  • same data as used by top retailers

  • no data from crowd-sourcing

  • process & quality metrics

foodgraph solves data problems

product details

  • basics data: for eCommerce & B2C 

  • full-label data: for the digital shelf

  • enriched data: for a personalized CX

  • images: for mobile and carousels

product matching

  • fix broken UPCs

  • validate UPCs without humans

  • UPC to SKU matching

  • AI training sets

competitive analysis

  • retailer eCommerce benchmarks

  • unique assortment analysis

  • completeness reporting

  • accuracy testing

foodgraph is about packaged foods

  • FoodGraph tackles the unique problems of the data supply chain in US packaged foods.  

  • Messy, incomplete data causes time, expense, frustration, and lost opportunity.

  • We provide data and tools for CPG, retailers, and service providers to create a quality source of truth.

foodgraph is ready

We love solving food data problems.
Let us know how we can help.

Thank you. We'll reply soon.

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